Thursday, November 02, 2006

Pre-reflection thanks

Just a thank you to those who posted on my blog and to the many more I chatted to in class.
I went into this subject to find out how to use more programs for teaching and for myself. Mission accomplished. I wish I had more time during semester to play with the programs and find out more about their abilities. I found myself getting a quick introduction to the programs and then having to move on. However, playing with the programs will come later now I know where to start. My wonderful class will be trialing my website and my reflection will be a combination on their's and your's observations and comments. So thank you once again and I hope to see some of you during the summer semester.


At 8:48 am, Blogger net-net2007 said...

Hey Jo!

I've had a look at your website. Nicely done: very simple, neat and clear. The only thing is that I couldn't fully open it + I could see only half of the smiley face :-( Were you in a hurry - the lines on the home page do not seem to be very strait? or it's part of the project? or my computer? When Pam was talking about 'moving things' that distracted her, what did she mean? I couldn't see anything moving...
Loved your crosswords!



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