Thursday, August 24, 2006

So far, iffy

So it is not quite so far so good with this subject but we shall see. I have attended both of the workshops and one drop in session. All three I have come away with learning something. However finding time out of class is as always a challenge, almost as big as finding the motivation. So the blogs I've figured out sort of. I can add pictures hopefully other stuff. I haven't really messed around on it. The wiki I'm not up with and need more practice with. I still need to sit down at a computer for a few hours. By the way folks my time on a computer usually lasts 30 mins before I hate the screen. So now I am away to download, print, read and hopefully learn something more.


At 3:54 pm, Blogger kylie said...

I think we both have the same problem. I have to make myself come to the drop in sessions just so I do something. I am really not motivated this semester. Thank God it is my last one as I think any more would be bad for my health

At 3:50 pm, Blogger dlh said...

Hang in there Jo - & Kylie?!
If it's your last semester, I can totally understand why you're finding de-motivation a problem ...
As for the 30 min attention span - apart from being good practice to take a break every 30 mins - try giving youself something like a reward for coming back to it - whatever it takes!



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