Saturday, July 22, 2006


At 8:40 pm, Blogger Helen said...

Hi Jo, the journey is only just beginning and no doubt, we will all end up great bloggers.

At 3:50 pm, Blogger kylie said...

Hi Jo,
I hope that we can learn the wonders of the universe that the internet and computers are supposed to be.

At 12:43 pm, Blogger skala said...

Hi Jo, Let's blog!

At 1:58 pm, Blogger dlh said...

I was pleased to see you successfully put in a link to this blog from your wiki page, Jo ... Well done!
Now how about starting to use your blog for some reflections on the course? :-)

At 4:14 pm, Blogger basome said...

I am pleased to say that at last I knew how to post in here and in my blog. well it is not that I did not know, but actually I forgot, LOL.

I think last week's worksop was great. It was really interesting to talk to Chris from Alaska.
I have talked to some students from last semester ( Robee) about the assignments and how to do them and I have seen that the task is going to be interesting if we work together and try to help each other out. therefore, whenever anyone finds any useful information about , for example, dreamweaver or any other program, it would be beneficial if we share it.

At 2:56 pm, Blogger dlh said...

Jo - are you sleeping? Lost your blog address? :-))

At 11:57 am, Blogger jo_troll said...

Well I finally found my blog. I good intentions of posting more. But, you've heard what they say about good intentions ;) We shall see


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